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Cheerful and Cheerful Premier Crus

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It's October, and the weather is getting cooler, and it's gradually getting autumnal.
This time, we will talk about the free-range pig “Tategamori Kogen Pork Premier Cru”, which will be sold and shipped from this October.
I would like to tell you again.

Tategamori Kogen pigs are usually raised in a piggery, but Premier Crus are grazed on a large site.
I am raised. Therefore, they are raised in a relaxed environment with little stress.
In addition, we are particular about the food, and we use farm-grown wheat (organic JAS cultivation), local feed rice, and farm-grown herbs.
We are feeding our homemade feed.

Currently, Premier Crus are raised in a fattening house, and it is difficult to see them up close due to epidemic prevention.
But everyone is doing well.

These premier crus are still young pigs, but we want them to grow bigger and healthier.
I would like to do my best to deliver it to everyone's dining table!

Hiroki Ito, Agricultural Department

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