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5S sanitary activities that all members of the sales department work on every time

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These days, the air and scenery are gradually becoming more autumn-like.
This time, I would like to talk a little about the 5S hygiene activities that we are working on in our sales department.

Every time, all members of the sales department engage in 5S hygiene activities as much as possible.
We are making a schedule.

Until now, it has rarely received recognition, let alone the annual grand prize.
I didn't really get involved in the monthly grand prize, so it felt lackluster...

This season is different!!

You can also win the monthly grand prize once, and in the interim ranking announced the other day,
Although it was a narrow margin, I came in first place. I'm surprised...

That's because everyone works hard every time.

A place that has become unbelievably clean, activities that have led to increased work efficiency,
Steady environmental maintenance etc.
Rather than aiming for high evaluations, we try to do activities that will bring something back to us.

In September, we carried out large-scale sorting, tidying, and cleaning in two locations.

Cleaning the barn.

I came fully armed, wearing a mask, work overalls, and a towel.
We were filled with pride as we secured space and cleaned up.

Another area is the materials storage area for the logistics management office.
There are a lot of heavy materials here...

We have devised the layout and fixed the location to ensure a flow line.

The teamwork of the sales department was demonstrated.

Regarding the September assignment of organizing the desktop on the PC,
All sales offices were involved and everyone worked together.
This was also an important initiative to improve work efficiency.

Our sales department is constantly evolving.

We will continue our activities in a quiet manner.

Sales Department Rie Sugawara

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