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A lot of flowers!! Ark Ranch.

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There was heavy rain, intense heat, and large temperature differences.
August ends today.
Although it was a harsh summer, the flowers in the garden at Ark Farm bloomed beautifully.
We are here.
Above are flowers along the road, including Niji-no-oka Garden and Yumemigaoka Garden.
It is also in full bloom.

Our staff is working hard to weed in the cool early morning hours.

The flower garden of Yumemigaoka is seen through the green curtains of Restaurant Tills.

You can see Yumemigaoka clearly from the lawn in front of Tills.

Please enjoy your meal while enjoying the flowers.

At the farm market, starting tomorrow, September 1st is Disaster Prevention Day.
Set sales of retort curry useful in times of typhoons and disasters
We will do our best, so thank you for your support.

Manufacturing and Sales Department Farm Market Hiroe Shibuya

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