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Ark original herbal tea anywhere in the country ☺︎

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Did you know that you can order 5 types of original blended herbal teas from the online shop from June? ?
If you want to drink, but the distance is too far and you can't come very often, you can always enjoy it at home if you can order it!

Until now, we have received orders from people in various prefectures, and there are also customers who buy in bulk and regularly. Thank you very much and I am glad that you liked it!

○Grassland Wind
○ Yuka
○ Amber dream
○ You in those days
○ Healing Garden

These five types are ARK's original blended herbal teas.
The most popular items ordered online were the refreshing mint scent of the meadow and the bright red rose and lavender fragrance of the amber dream.
If you are wondering which one to buy, I think you can start with these two popular types!

Why don't you find your favorite herbal tea...? ?

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