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After all in the hot season...

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It's been almost two years since I updated my blog.
Hello, nice to meet you,
And it's been a long time!

This is Sasaki from the Tokyo sales office.

We also provide products to customers in Tokyo and the Kanto region.
I'm back to work that I can deliver.

Recently, the temperature has become hot, suddenly cold,
Unstable days are continuing...

In my job where I meet customers every day,
I care about my health,
In the ratio of "pork: vegetables = 3: 7" as a health management method in the summer
I try to cook so that I can eat every day! !

Pork contains a lot of "vitamin B1" that everyone knows,
It will also prevent summer fatigue, and by eating a lot of vegetables, it will be well-balanced.
You can get nourishment.

There are many delicious vegetables especially in this season,
By all means, combine Tategamori Kogen pork and seasonal vegetables.
I hope you are staying healthy this summer!

But there are times when you can't go shopping because you're busy with work or housework, right?
For such people, pork and pesticide-free vegetables from Tategamori Ark Ranch will be delivered.
"Yamabato flight" is highly recommended!

Please see the upper URL for details!

To continue to spread the charm of Tategamori Ark Ranch
I will do my best! Thank you! !

Koudai Sasaki, Sales Department

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