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Have you decided on your midsummer gift?

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It's midsummer season, but are you all ready?

If you haven't yet, we have a recommended set.

My recommended product is the additive-free ham and sausage tasting set.
As the set name states, the hams and sausages produced at Ark Farm are
[Additive-free] It is safe for everyone from small children to the elderly.
The set includes the new Nakoro sausage and bacon made from thigh meat.
Schenkelsinken, a standard product mini wiener, is also included.

Also, our son (4th grade elementary school) also liked the soft texture of the white sausage.
This is one of my favorite items since I was little.

In addition, we are currently running a [self-gift] campaign, so when ordering a gift,
If you select "I want (no gift box)" for "My gift", the gift box will be sent to you.
In exchange for not putting it in, we will give you “Tategamori Kogen Pork Meatloaf 50g x 2”

I hope you take this opportunity to try it out.

Sales Department Yoshie Iwabuchi


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