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You are more beautiful than a rose! !

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Hello ☺︎
Lately, the rainy season has been cloudy and I've been feeling depressed...( ´・ω・` )
We would like to introduce you to some herbal teas that will brighten your mood!

Herbal tea named after the title of this blog"You are more beautiful than a rose"It will be a herbal tea called ♪
Due to the impact of the herbal tea name and the cute packaging, it is currently the number one selling herbal tea! ! !

The rose red blended into this herbal tea has a scent that instantly brightens your mood, so it's recommended for this humid season.

This herbal tea is sold at Ark Farm's Restaurant Till's and Farm Market.

From July, Restaurant Til's and Farm Market will have a corner specializing in rose-related products, including "You Are More Beautiful Than Roses," so stay tuned! ☺︎

All the staff are waiting for you♪

Natural Food Restaurant Tills Arisa Chiba

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