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End of Tategamori Herb Festa

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(Morning meeting of event committee members)

Blessed with the weather we were worried about, this year's Tategamori Herb Festa was held yesterday and today, and ended successfully.

・Market where many tents are lined up in the event plaza, roasted whole pork, and Tonton Derby.

・Miki's farm concert in front of the farm market.

・ Various seminars in the herb house include herb dyeing classes, plant gathering classes, medicine and herbs

・Picking and making bundles in a lavender field, yoga surrounded by the scent of lavender, and a photo session.

・Ranch walk model photo session and review session.

Since the venue was divided into large farms, shuttle buses were operated, and the lavender fields were crowded with many visitors.

The in-house event committee played an active role in holding the event. Thank you very much for your hard work from the preparation.

Seminar by Dr. Yanagisawa, Professor Emeritus of Tohoku University

Herb dyeing class with mint and lemon verbena

Aoki-sensei's Gathering Rooty Bouquet Demonstration

lavender picking

Thank you very much to all of you who came, participated, and teachers.

The best time to see lavender is yet to come.

Planting and sowing of summer and autumn flower seedlings have begun in the flower gardens of Yumemigaoka and Niji no Oka.

In the fragrant wind garden, roses are in full bloom and the scent of various herbs stands out.

The installation of explanatory versions of herbs in the GR Code is also progressing.

It is also during this time that you can see piglets, mother pigs, and newborn fawn Bambi on the farm.

In the wheat field, the wheat that is about to be harvested is healthy with weeds, and the wheat-colored autumn is approaching.

Shizu Hashimoto

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