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Currently, in the online shop,
We are running many campaigns!
Among them, we would like to introduce the most popular campaign at the moment.

Speaking of June's biggest events,Father's Dayis not it.
This yearJune 16this.

Not listed in the gift catalog this year.
Online shop onlyWe have prepared a Father's Day gift for you.
Delivered with Father's Day limited ribbon and stickers!
Also, if you are interested, please send us a letter.
You can also send a message card along with it!

One is an assortment of six types for fathers who like alcohol.
The name too"Alcohol Friends Set"

The popular Ginjozuke and Kakuni, which are often praised by corporate buyers,
And pepper sausage, which has many secret fans.
Contains Biersinkenwurst, which has a distinctive texture and appearance.

The other one is for my father who always works hard for his family.
with great effort"Thoughtful Set"

Brightly colored vegetable sausage, paprikawurst,
And Schenkelsinken, which has less fat.
Contains bologna sausage, which is characterized by its smooth texture.

Order by June 10this!
Please hurry! !

Sales Department Nobuaki Honma

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