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How to freeze ham and sausage?

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This time, I would like to write about ``freezing storage of uneaten hams and sausages'', which is often asked by customers.

Once opened, we generally recommend storing hams and sausages in the refrigerator and consuming them as soon as possible, but if you really want to store them in the freezer, store them in plastic wrap or airtight bags to prevent them from coming into contact with air.
It is better to put it in the freezer.
Even if you put the food in plastic wrap or a sealed bag, freezing will freeze the water in the food and break down the tissue, resulting in a loss of texture, and when the food is thawed, the flavor will bleed out along with the water. It is possible to put it away.

Even if you freeze it, it doesn't mean it will last forever.
Oxidation, drying, and bacterial growth may occur depending on the temperature and storage conditions of your home freezer.
Even if the flavor is reduced by half, there is no guarantee.
To enjoy delicious ham and sausage, please consume as soon as possible after opening.

Ham Factory Kiyokatsu Hara

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