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An exciting workshop at the Plant Shop Cabin! !

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This is Tategamori Ark Ranch where the weather continues to be calm.
The pleasant breeze feels so good.

By the way, workshops are held every day at the wooden hut "Cabin" next to the plant shop at ARK Ranch.

Recommended for souvenirs, presents, and summer vacation homework! Such a workshop I will introduce you.

original snow globe
Choose your favorite from among the many mascots and sparkling glitter and make your own snow globe!

Which one should I do~
The work of choosing is fun ♪ヽ(´▽`)/

Adults can enjoy it too.

You can also make a music box!

Production time is 15 to 30 minutes
The price starts from 2268 yen (depending on the number of mascots).

Popular herbal soap making!
Make your own skin-friendly soap using lavender and mint!
Preparation time about 15 minutes
The price is 300 yen!

I'm looking forward to coming to the ranch to find out what kind of workshop that day will be.

Please feel free to come to the cabin with your family and friends, and of course even one person can use it.

Yukie Chiba, Agricultural Department

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