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We will do it again this season!

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Hello everyone.
At Ark Ranch, we have been providing support to our customers at the ranch over the past year through committee activities.
As a guide, we have provided a [Ranch Guide].

We will introduce Ark Farm to our customers while providing directions and explanations around the farm.
It was also planned to be enjoyed.
We are also planning to implement this again this fiscal year, so we can further disseminate information to our customers.
We would like to continue to do so.
Customers may ask, “What is this?” or “Where should I go for ○○○?”
We would like to respond to your questions and more.
Depending on the content, heeeeeee! ! ! !
You might hear something surprising♪

We are currently communicating more closely with our customers and staff to make Ark Farm more appealing.
The committee members are looking for ways to communicate this information.

We would like to inform you separately about the date of the ranch guide.

If you see us, we would love to hear from you.

Sales Department Yoshie Iwabuchi

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