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Still in time! Regular flight first time 500 yen campaign ~ 3/31.

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It's finally April from the day after tomorrow, but it snowed out of season.
I think it's still too early to change tires...

Today, I would like to introduce the"Regular flight" first time 500 yen 》campaign.
It is a "regular delivery" that delivers ARK Farm products with slightly different content every month.
You can enjoy 4 kinds of meat "Tategamori Plateau Pork Club, 3,240 yen (once a month course),
In addition, you can enjoy various hams and sausages "Mutenka Ham Sausage Club
Then, if you can apply for 3,980 yen (once a month course) by tomorrow,What is the first time
You can use it for 500 yen!

You who thought, "Well, until tomorrow..."!You can still make it!Please try!

There may be some people who are sick due to the large temperature difference, but at ARK Ranch
If you try the product, you will be able to welcome the new year with a feeling full of vitality...
I'm thinking about that, so try it once!!

Sales Department Takufumi Abe


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