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Restaurant Till's opens today!

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Til's, a natural food restaurant, has woken up from its winter slumber and is gearing up to start serving its daily buffet today.

The special potager is still being prepared, but the menu will center around a generous use of vegetables grown outdoors and in greenhouses at the farm, as well as pork from the Tategamori Highlands, bread and pancakes made from home-grown organic wheat, and the familiar traditional pastries. Egg dishes, etc. are lined up.
Two people in charge of vegetables from the Agriculture and Livestock Department studied hard this winter and even obtained vegetable sommelier qualifications!
The production of delicious and safe vegetables will gain momentum.

Buffet not only on weekends but also on weekdays! It's been half a year since we started last year, in response to the passionate requests of our customers.
However, the single-item menu items such as pork steak and bone-in loin steak that we have had up until now have not disappeared, and will be prepared to order.
Please feel free to let us know.

Tomorrow is the equinox.
This morning, the annual "Spirit Festival" will be held in front of the "Tower of Life" inside Ark Farm, with the participation of all the farm staff.
At that time, there are words that everyone sings in unison.

The title is ``Words of gratitude and request to the eight million gods of heaven and earth.''

・To the countless spirits who became the sustenance for our daily work, and who disappeared without being able to become.
Today, I would like to offer my heart of gratitude and respect.

The trees, birds, animals, plants, water, soil, and atmosphere of this land of Tategamori that has been entrusted to us are all living creatures.
all living things.

Please share with us the power of communion with them and the distant universe.

The beautiful Earth is a tiny point in the boundless universe, a star.
We are driven there by a great power.

We realize how small we are, and we are deeply grateful that we are kept alive by borrowing the power of all living things.
Living beings who have lost their form for us. Thank you. palms together

It's finally the beginning of spring at Tategamori Ark Farm.

Shizu Hashimoto


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