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Hello everyone. My name is Sato from Ham Kobo.

What do you think of when you hear the word sausage?
Juicy gravy? Flavorful smoky aroma?
I think the most important thing is the "crispy texture".
This time I would like to explain how to make sausage skin crispy.
Tategamori Ark Farm has a variety of additive-free sausages, which are characterized by allowing you to enjoy the natural flavor of the meat.

What is essential to creating a crispy texture is the use of natural intestines.
The reason is that animal protein, which is a component of natural intestines, hardens when dried and smoked.
This creates a unique crunchy texture the moment you bite into it.

In addition, due to differences in the manufacturing process for sausages that are stuffed with intestines,
There are ``boiled sausages'' and ``smoked sausages,'' each with a different flavor.

In the case of boiled sausage, when you boil it and eat it, the texture and meat juice spreads in your mouth.
When eaten grilled, the aroma and fat ooze out, making it juicier.
This sausage is white in appearance because it is not smoked.

Moke sausage is characterized by its crispy texture, and by boiling it and eating it, the flavor of meat juices and smoke spreads in your mouth after the texture.
When eaten grilled, the smoky aroma and aroma are added, giving it a different taste than when it is boiled.

In addition to this, you can enjoy different textures and flavors not only due to differences in the manufacturing process but also depending on the type of sausage.
Please try the "crispy" taste of Tategamori Ark Farm Sausage.

Typical smoked sausage from Tategamori Ark Farm
Wiener sausage
Arabiki sausage
pepper sausage
Tategamori Ham Factory Shota Sato

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