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You can still eat “old eggs” even after the expiration date! ?

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``Mukatsu Eggs'' are made by staff who collect eggs from free-range chickens every day, wash them at the GP center,
Packed and shipped.
The expiry date of "Mukatsu Egg" is 14 days after the egg was collected, which is the date when the egg can be eaten raw.
Even if the expiration date has passed, you can still eat it by cooking it.
Therefore, we sell them at the farm market. 2kg box of “Mukatsu Tamago” “The expiry date is only one week”
If you're thinking, "I can't eat this much in one week," don't worry. Cooking
You can eat it if you want.

*Please note that even if heat-treated, the expiration date may vary depending on storage conditions, so it is up to the user to decide when to use the product.

Agriculture and livestock department Haga

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