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I received chocolate!? In return, sell nuts, dried fruits, and chocolate by weight!!!

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Yesterday was Valentine's Day.
Have you prepared your chocolate?

at the farm market
chocolate and sweets
I tried to make bottling.

macadamia chocolate
Flavored chocolate (strawberry)
dark chocolate
velvet white chocolate
Chocolate balls, unsalted roasted almonds
Sanitary bolo mix (plain, spinach, carrot)
Pack 7 types in a bottle and use masking tape to make it cute
I finished it.
The price is ¥ 380 including tax.

・Cacao polyphenols in white chocolate dilate blood vessels
It is said to work.
・Macadamia chocolate is effective for rough skin and gives moisture and firmness.
It is said to be effective in preventing spots and wrinkles.
・Almonds prevent aging, prevent heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis
It is said to be effective in dieting and relieving constipation.

Would you like to return the white day?

At the farm market
Starting at the end of last year, nuts, dried fruits, and chocolate have been sold by weight.
is starting. Here's how to buy:

Choose nuts.

Choose a container from free bags, cups, and paper bags.

I choose a free bag, put it over my mouth and slowly lower the lever.

Use a scale to estimate how many to buy.

Once you have decided on the quantity, write the product number on a sticker and stick it on the bag.
*Please purchase at least 20g.

After purchasing one by one, prepare a container and mix
You can create your own original.

You can also taste it, so please shout out to the staff.
(Some products are not eligible.)

For customers who find it difficult to choose, we put them in the cup in advance.
You can purchase products.

Not only for friends with alcohol, but also for children's snacks. Also, many nuts that are especially happy for women.
We will continue to consider various products.
We look forward to welcome you.

Farm Market Hiroe Shibuya


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