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The 10th Tategamori Wind Festival held

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The memorable 10th Tategamori Kaze Festival was held today. ☺️
The venue for the first week of the 3-week Tategamori Kaze Festival is Tategamori Ark Farm.
The cheerful voices of children echoing in the plaza, flying kites, playing jumbo karuta, and playing chanbara.
The 4th Tategamori Gottsuo Marathon, which was held at the same time, was a great success with approximately 200 runners.
Thank you everyone for your hard work.

From above, runners start at Flower and Izumi Park and run through the main entrance.

In the afternoon, a scene from the kite-flying event at the Kaze Festival held at Ark Farm.

Children of the Wind's jumbo karuta tournament will be held without snow this year.

There was also a request for an adult section, a chanbara battle that everyone will be hooked on!

It was a wind festival with good weather without wind, but there will be another one next week!

Venue: “Iwate Safari Park”

Please come and visit us again!

Ecole Tategamori Kaze Festival staff

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