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"Food Oasis Atsumi"

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How are you spending your time in this cold windy weather?
Here in Iwate, the mornings and evenings are below freezing, and the roads are freezing.

The other day, I went on a business trip to Toyohashi, Tokyo.
Although it was winter, I felt so warm that I even took off my coat.

Now, we visited our partner, Food Oasis Atsumi.
Please rate the new products scheduled to be released in April..
The initial planned quantity was 200 pieces (total of 5 stores)!
Thank you very much, Managing Director Watanai, BY Sesekura, and Mr. Tamai.
We are looking forward to serving our customers in Toyohashi in the spring.
In addition, we also held promotional negotiations, making it a very informative day.

Part of Food Oasis Atsumi Yamada store

・Mr. Fukuo, the leader of the meat department.
Thank you very much, Fukuo-san! Although Toyohashi and Ichinoseki are far apart, we hope to see you again this year.

・"Okan Egg"
 It is said to be the coldest time of the year.cold weather. Eggs born on this dayIt has long been said that ``if you eat it, you can live a healthy life.''” has been prized as such.

I would like to work even harder to carry out good initiatives in 2019 as well.
Thank you for your continued support.
Ranch Division Sales Department
Kazuto Matsuura

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