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Best breakfast in the world

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The breakfast party celebrated its 5th anniversary this year. Today was the second time this year.
The guests this time are 9 people from Tokyo.
They were full of energy from the time they were picked up at 7:00, and when I was in charge of guiding them through the Kaoru Kaze Garden, they were moved by the sight of flowers, encounters with bees, and the scent of mint.
What is normal for us is extraordinary for those who live in the city.
Sitting in a special gazebo on the lawn in front of the Herb Pavilion, while waiting for the sparkling herb water made from the herbs harvested by everyone, I couldn't wait and surrounded the staff who were making it. .
No matter what we drank or what we ate, the guests were always impressed.
In such a heavy rain, his head and shoulders were soaking wet, the president was the world's nicest gentleman, who put an umbrella on the staff who carried the food and went back and forth to the customers many times.
There are a few spaces left for the third time. Please come and have a luxurious time.

Miyuki Hashinuma

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