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2018 production catalog completed!

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Here in Ichinoseki, where Tategamori Ark Farm is located,
The heat has returned since the day before yesterday,
My name is Honma from the sales department and I am quite fit.

Next week, Tategamori Ark Farm's quarterly magazine ``Tategamori Autumn'' will be published.
It will be shipped to members, but please take a moment.
Today, we would like to show you part of the 2018 edition of the "Product Catalog".


This is the 2018 edition of the "Product Catalog".
Last year, it had a feminine feel based on white,
This year, we decided to create a black-based finish that emphasizes the weight and presence of the meat!

Introducing a little bit of the inside.

We worked hard to convey the deliciousness of the product by using white as the main color for the inside.
I would be happy if this feeling could be conveyed through the magazine.
New products are also posted, so when you receive them,
Please take a look.

The midsummer season has finally ended before Obon.
We are already preparing to create the year-end gift catalog.
Please look forward to this as well.


Sales Department Nobuaki Honma


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