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Limited time until August 31st! Introduction of “Adult Yakiniku Set”

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The hot days continue.
Hello, this is Kumagai from logistics management.

I think everyone is using various ways to survive the intense heat.
I also have a suggestion.

After all, when it's hot, why not eat something spicy to make yourself sweat?

Tategamori Ark RanchLimited timegift of

The collaboration with Yagisawa Shoten is also called

Yakiniku set for adults! !

This product uses the familiar "Tategamori Kogen Pork".

Slices perfect for yakiniku

Yagisawa Shoten's sauce (condiment) for yakiniku"Yuzu pepper"

I made it into a set.

The sweetness of the meat and the spiciness of the yuzu pepper

I can't say anything"Adult taste"It becomes.

Everyone please try it once to survive the intense heat.

Sales Department Tsutomu Kumagai


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