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We received the following feedback during Golden Week!

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​This is Konno from the toll booth at Tategamori Ark Farm.

​Golden Week is over, and the liveliness has disappeared.

This year it rained several days and it was difficult, but the customers made plans even in the rain, so it was difficult.

​Customers came to see the tulips saying they had seen them on TV.
However, some of the flowers started to fall, and some of them bloomed late, so our guests were able to see rape blossoms, tulips, and even animals.

We also enjoyed a barbecue at Niji no Oka during Golden Week.
“We had a barbecue in a place with a nice view, and the kids loved it!”
Some customers said so when they left.

It was my second year at the toll booth myself, and I was not able to explain things well to customers, and I think I caused a lot of trouble for everyone.
However, thanks to everyone (customers and staff), the traffic flow was good and we didn't have to wait too long, so I think things went smoothly.
But I truly believe that being here is a learning experience every day.

Lavender begins to bloom in mid-June.
Additionally, a two-day “herb festival” will be held on June 30th and July 1st.
All the staff at Ark Ranch are looking forward to your visit.

Tollgate person Mineko Konno


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