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Ark farm full of greenery!

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Hello (⌒∇⌒)ノ”

For many people, today is the last day of Golden Week. How are you doing?

During the first half of the holidays, the tulips were in full bloom, but unfortunately many of them were scattered due to the rain and wind the other day, but the contrast between the fresh greenery and the rape blossoms makes for a very beautiful meadow.

The sheep are also enjoying a leisurely meal surrounded by a pleasant breeze.

Spring is when the most abundant seedlings of the year!
You might find your favorite flower seedlings✨

Many customers came.
The workshops with daily menus are also very popular. We have received happy comments from everyone, saying, ``It was fun.''

I'm so happy to be surrounded by flowers and flowers that keep changing every day and feel the changes of the seasons (*^^*)

Ark Ranch will become more and more wonderful in the coming seasons. We look forward to your visit of everyone.
                                   Agriculture and Livestock Department Yukie Chiba


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