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Live broadcast on “OH! Bandes”

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Yesterday, Miyagi TV came to cover the evening information program ``OH! Bandes''.
We were introduced to ``Yumemigaoka Garden'' and ``Egg Picking Experience''.
OH! Bandes is a popular information program hosted by Muneyuki Sato, which is known to all Miyagi residents.
The program name comes from the Tohoku dialect ``Obandesu'' (meaning good evening).
Tategamori Ark Farm is located in Ichinoseki City, Iwate Prefecture, close to the prefectural border with Miyagi.
In this way, we may be interviewed by a television station in Miyagi Prefecture.
What's more, this time it's a live broadcast! !

Director Tamura of the Agriculture and Livestock Department explains tulips to reporter Mr. Matsubara.
We were blessed with good weather and the tulips illuminated by the setting sun were very beautiful.

The second broadcast was broadcast in a different location with free-range chickens in the background. Sugawara, who is in charge of poultry farming, will appear.
The reason why we wear matching clothes is because from an epidemic prevention perspective, we ask everyone to wear jackets that we have printed for them.

We finally entered the chicken house and started the "egg picking experience".
Mr. Matsubara is a bit afraid of birds, so he was relieved that there were no chickens in the nest box.

At the end, we sampled egg-fried rice using freshly harvested ``old eggs.''
Our original sauce for egg-cooked rice, ``Old Egg Drops,'' was also well received.

Mr. Matsubara, the reporter, Mr. Sou from the studio, and all the staff involved,
Thank you very much for your hard work.

Tategamori Ark Ranch Hitoshi Komatsu

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