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``Food is life'' baton

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I fell in love with the idea of ``Food is Life'' and have been working here for 16 years.
Although I am satisfied with my two sons, I believe that I was able to successfully connect the idea that ``food is life.''
My second son has been participating in a sport called canoe sprinting since he entered junior high school, so he taught himself that ``eating is part of training,'' and has been cooking meals for athletes for six years.
My son entered a university in Kagoshima a year ago saying he wanted to aim for the Tokyo Olympics, and he is still training himself to cook and eat properly based on the idea that food is life.
Then, I became a member of Japan's U21 team at the national tournament last month!
I will be participating in the world championships in Australia next month.
The sport of canoeing cannot be talked about unless you first develop your body.
Building your body is through a balanced diet and weight training. If you don't train at the same time every day, you won't build muscle.
I believe that I was able to represent Japan this time as a result of my ability to manage my meals properly even when I had to make my own meals.
Do your best to aim for the Tokyo Olympics! ! ! (But don't try too hard and get hurt)

I'm glad I came across ``Food is Life.'' Because we met, we are where we are today. I'm grateful that I was able to meet you.

Miyuki Hashinuma

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