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A new wind blows

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This is Honma from the sales department.

I think many people will be able to start a new life in April.
Those who have entered the school or found a job have anxiety and expectations in their hearts.
I hope you are going about your daily life.
Our farm is just like any other company,
We have a new organization and new members.
And a new wind will blow here at Tategamori Plateau!

The season of blooming on the farm is approaching soon.
​Golden Week, the best time to write, is approaching,
Preparations have accelerated.
This year, the sun lines up nicely, so I think there will be more visitors than usual.
All of our employees are fully prepared and will be waiting for you with a smile.

Finally, lavender honey is now available exclusively online.
This is a precious pure honey that can only be harvested during the lavender flowering period (mid-June to mid-July).
The lavender grown at Tategamori Ark Farm is extremely fragrant.
Honey collected from these flowers will fill your mouth with the scent of lavender flowers.
Please come and try it.

Click here for details.

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