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Plant shop is now open! !

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Although the temperature is very different these days, it feels like spring is coming every day as the daffodil buds are starting to change color and the tulip buds are starting to grow.

Ark Farm's flower shop and plant shop, which was closed for the winter, will open tomorrow, March 21st!

We have flower seedlings, herb seedlings, etc. that will brighten up your spring garden.

We have a wide variety of garden goods, from antiques to shabby items and cute items.

The featured product for the start of business is Pansy Viola!

1 pot 68 yen
10 pots 660 yen (1 pot 66 yen)
20 pots 1240 yen (1 pot 62 yen)
Buying in bulk is a great deal.

This year as well, all of our staff will do our best to provide products that will be a part of your garden, so we appreciate your continued support.
                                    Farm Department Yukie Chiba

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