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Requiem day

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As has been reported in many media outlets, seven years ago today, the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred.

I can remember that moment like it was just yesterday. Our area is fortunately far from the sea.

This is a highland area that was not affected by the tsunami at all, so I never saw such a tragic situation firsthand.

butThere are many employees who have been seriously injured, either directly or indirectly.

Recovery is still a long way off.

Every time I go to the coast, I can't help but pray for the people whose lives have been forever changed.

Furthermore, the effects of the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident still remain in some parts of the Ichinoseki region. (For example, Mt.

Vegetables are only allowed to be eaten at one's own risk. Despite being blessed with rich fields and mountains. )

I believe this should never be repeated anywhere on earth.

Hiroshima,Nagasaki, Fukushima.

The Japanese are the only people in the world who know both the horrors of atomic bombs and nuclear power plant accidents.

I am reminded once again that we must be deeply aware of this.

Shizu Hashimoto


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