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If you live in northern Osaka, thank you for waiting.

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Hello. This is Oka from the West Japan Sales Office.

In Hiroshima, where our sales office is located, plum blossoms are in bloom, and we often see Japanese white-eyes and warblers.
I'm sure you can hear the cry near you.

The area in charge of the West Japan Sales Office is from Hokuriku to Kyushu.
There are still not many stores in all prefectures that carry ARK products.
Mie Prefecture, Wakayama Prefecture, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Tokushima Prefecture, Ehime Prefecture, Saga Prefecture, Kagoshima Prefecture, and Okinawa Prefecture. .

Also, even in Osaka, people who live in the area called Kita often scold me, saying, "Isn't there somewhere?"
was verbally said.
Sorry I made you wait. We can finally have a shop that will start handling from the end of this month!
Ikari Supermarket Prince Store 4-16-9 Yamada Nishi, Suita City, Osaka Prefecture
On March 31st (Sat) and April 1st (Sun), I will visit the store to introduce the products.
Please come by if you live nearby.

Also, from March 14th (Wednesday) to 19th (Monday), we will exhibit at the Great Tohoku Exhibition at the 7th floor exhibition space of Takashimaya Kyoto store.
Please drop by there too.

It's getting warmer and the marathon season is coming to an end.
I also participated in two races this season. It's little by little, but every time I run, I'm updating my best time.
One of my favorite things to do in Kyoto is to run along the Kamo River.
Will Osaka become Expo Park? .
If you have a good course, please let me know.

West Japan Sales Office


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