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Why is Germany famous for sausages?

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In Germany, piping hot sausages are sold all over town.
Sausage is an essential part of the German diet.
Sausage is made in various countries around the world,
It is said that there are approximately 1,500 types of sausages in Germany.
The ``home of sausages'' boasts the best quality and variety in the world.
That's why it's called the "sausage kingdom."

Nowadays, mass production by meat shops and companies has increased,
From the 17th to the 18th century, ham and sausage were preserved foods for each household over the winter.
In Germany, the land is poor and hilly, and the winters are very cold, making it difficult to harvest crops.
Pigs, which are prolific and have a short breeding period, were essential livestock for winter food.
Even though the pork is processed for preservation using various techniques without leaving any parts of the pig,
Unlike ham, which is made from chunks of meat, the intestines are stuffed with meat, internal organs, blood, and other things, and spices are added.
Sausages that could be made with a variety of flavors must have been very economical and useful.
As a result, various types of sausages were produced in rural areas and at home.
Its tradition and taste have been passed down to the present day.

Various types of sausages are made in various regions within Japan.
Ham Kobo's sausages are products that we can recommend with confidence.
Everyone please enjoy it.

Tategamori Ham Factory Hara

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