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About February cooking class

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Today we will be at the natural food restaurant Till's.
I would like to introduce you to the cooking class.

Cooking class started in November 2017.

The first event is ``Yaki pork of Tategamori Kogen pork using lavender honey from the farm.''
Gnocchi Genovese made with farm-grown potatoes, organic JAS wheat, old eggs, and basil.”

The second time is ``Carbonara made with old eggs and Tategamori Plateau pork pancetta.
Potato salad with homemade mayonnaise

The we. Both were well received.

We are planning two more cooking classes in 2018.

The third session will be held on Saturday, February 10th. This time, it is also called Valentine's season,
We will be holding a sweets class.

The content will be ``Gateau chocolat made with old eggs and organic JAS wheat''.
Make two types: bitter chocolate and white chocolate.

[Date] February 10th (Sat)
[Time] 14:00-16:00
[Capacity] 20 people
[Membership fee] 3000 yen (2500 yen only for Tategamori Ark Ranch annual passport members)

*Reservations are accepted until February 8th, so please call, email or in-store.
Please let us know directly.
We'll be expecting you.

Manufacturing and Sales Department Akira Ito

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