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Thank you very much for the year.

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The 365 days of this year have gone by in the blink of an eye.
What kind of year has this past year been for you?

At our company, all of our staff have worked together over the past year to plan our goals and path to the future.
We have undertaken various initiatives.

・Holding a national herb summit
・Renewal of Ark Farm Ice Cream Hall
​・Start of Tira Farm (employment business for people with disabilities)

・Various new product development

・Start of in-house mixed feed manufacturing business
・Building a pigsty
​・Obtained JGAP (Japan Good Agricultural Practice) certification (second case in Japan for livestock and livestock products)

There are many more examples of such efforts. Everything is based on our company's management philosophy of "Food is Life"
We have been conducting business under the We are constantly asking ourselves whether the results of our efforts will satisfy our customers, and in the end, we have faith.
Throughout the history of our predecessors, we have many connections, relationships, and support from our customers, business partners, everyone involved, and our own families. We must not forget that we are able to conduct our business and work every day.
I would like to once again express my gratitude to everyone for allowing me to successfully complete this year in such a grateful and blessed environment.

Next year as well, all of our staff will work hard to bring smiles to our customers and make them happy! !
I sincerely hope that next year will be a good year for everyone.
I hope you have a happy new year.
And we look forward to your continued support next year.

Please look forward to June-July next year♪ Lavender field on the farm

​ Tomoatsu Hashimoto

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