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The wood stove is fully restored!

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It's now the second half of December, and there's almost no snow compared to previous years, making it a season where the only thing we can bear is the cold.

``Welcome House Kinomi'', which reopened this year, has a wood-burning stove lit in the morning and is looking forward to welcoming guests.

Until now, we have not burned firewood on the farm, but this year we will start using firewood.

I also use a wood-burning stove at my house, and I ask a firewood store to deliver the firewood to me, but our company is increasingly producing firewood mainly from hardwoods felled on our ranch. I'm here.

We manufacture firewood as part of our rainy day work at ``Tila Farm,'' a Type A business that opened this year.

Logs that have been cut to a certain size are further cut using a wood splitter. Mechanization has made it possible for people other than specific staff to manufacture products.

By drying and using it, the firepower is strong and you can stay warm.

In this way, we hope to continue working on a farm that creates new jobs, where everyone can play an active role, and where our customers are satisfied, again next year.

Manufacturing and Sales Department Toru Tamura

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