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It's December, and the number of snowy days has increased, and I'm a novice driver, so I'm nervous as I commute to work (°°;)

A cooking class was held today at Restaurant Till's!
Today's content is
"Carbonara made with old eggs and Tategamori Plateau pork pancetta" and "Potato salad with homemade mayonnaise"  
was! ( ・ᴗ・ )
At this cooking class, just like last time, the participants were having fun cooking in a friendly atmosphere!
Even though they didn't know each other until they took part in the cooking class, everyone seemed to be having fun talking to each other, and they were working together to cook.I was heartwarmed by how wonderful the communication and connections made through cooking were.

The next one will be on Saturday, February 10th next year.
As for the contents, we are planning gateau chocolat using old eggs and organic JAS wheat.
Valentine's Day is coming up so it's perfect for Valentine's Day! That's the content (*'ω'*)
We are looking forward to your participation♪

Production and Sales Department Restaurant Tills Arisa Chiba

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