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There is an abnormality on the New Year's Eve front!

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This is Honma from the sales department.

It's early and December is almost here.
A typical feature of Tategamori Ark Farm during this period is the "year-end gift" system.
This will be a company-wide response, including other departments.
There is a sense of tension in the logistics control room as cargo collection approaches.
Regardless of whether you will make it on time or not,
We take each item seriously to ensure there are no mistakes.
From now on, we will run with all our might until the end of the year.

Well, this year, we have significantly increased the number of products that come with free shipping.
This is a pocket-friendly gift, so please take advantage of it.
We also have a gift set made in collaboration with Kyoto's long-established Iio Jozo and Tategamori Kogen Pork.
It has appeared. This one is off to a good start,
It looks like limited quantities will be available soon.
Please order early↓

By the way, the popular gift rankings as of November 21st are as follows.

★Popular ranking
1st place: Tategamori Kogen pork shabu-shabu set (with Yagisawa Shoten sauce)
2nd place: Tategamori Kogen pork 4 types set
3rd place: Whole farm set
Surprisingly, “Makiba no Morning” takes first place every year.
At the moment, we are behind in 4th place!

If you are still undecided on your year-end gift,
It's best to order before it gets crowded.

●2017 Fall/Winter Gift Benefits
​① Early application bonus 200 points gift
​② Personal gift ⇒ Tategamori Kogen pork Schenkel Shinken 100g present
③Get 200 points for your first online shop application
​④Shopping ticket gift
Click here for details↓

We look forward to receiving your orders.

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