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When winter comes, “Tategamori Kaze Festival”

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Speaking of winter in Tategamori...
“Tategamori Style Festival”!(^^)!
This year marks the 9th time.
As 2018 approaches, we are planning various events at each venue, including the Gottsuo Marathon.
Sunday, February 4th Gottsuo Marathon
Event: Tategamori Ark Ranch venue
Sunday, February 11th Event: Iwate Safari Park venue
February 18th (Sunday) Event: Flower and Izumi Park Venue
We are planning to do more than that.
The Gottsuo Marathon is divided into a division for adults and junior high and high school students (starting at Hana to Izumi Park) and a division for elementary school students and younger (starting at Iwate Safari Park), aiming for the goal of the Tategamori Kogen Hotel.
The course has quite a few ups and downs, so the participating runners should have plenty of fun!
It's a delicious marathon event that comes with lunch, hot springs, and souvenirs♪
After running the marathon, I headed to Tategamori Ark Ranch.
We are planning an event that the children can have fun with.
Warm and delicious food will also be sold at the feast tent.
Please come and visit the Tategamori Highlands area in February of the new year.
Details of the marathon and events will be announced at a later date.

Livestock Department Ayumi Sugawara

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