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The time for the Pig Festival is finally approaching.
It will be held for two days this week, the 17th (Sat) and 18th (Sun).

On the 17th, we will be serving a roasted pork carcass, and on the 18th we will be offering a large pot of offal to those who fill out the questionnaire on both days, but we will close as soon as supplies run out, so please arrive early.

We offer a variety of events, including the extremely popular Tonton Derby, lucky draws, hump cafes, quiz competitions, and more.
In addition, a feast tent and kitchen car will be set up. BBQ Frank and Tategamori Burger in the kitchen car. At the feast tent, we have all-you-can-stuff potatoes and a variety of drinks, and all the staff are looking forward to your visit.
I just hope the weather will be nice for the next two days.

A stand for roasting Tategamori Kogen pork carcasses. We are increasing the number of machines this year so that we can serve as many customers as possible! !

We are now assembling the Tonton Derby course!

Farming Department Kenichi Oikawa

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