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There's still time!! own gift campaign

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Hello everyone.
As we enter August, the chilly days continue, and just when you think summer is finally back, it's cold again...
How are you feeling?
My 2 year old son came down with a fever...
Everyone, please welcome autumn by adjusting your clothing according to the changes in temperature to avoid catching a cold.

Today, we would like to introduce you to our very popular gift campaign, which is limited to home delivery.

In recent years, an increasing number of customers are purchasing mid-year gifts and year-end gifts for themselves.
If you are purchasing a gift item for yourself, please take advantage of this campaign.

Target gift products,It is clearly stated that gift boxes are not required for home delivery.If you purchase it, you will get amazing results! !
A mini wiener will be given to you.
What a great deal! !

This campaign is valid until orders placed by August 31st.
There's plenty of time from now.
Please take a look at our online shop.

Autumn is finally here, and the appetite is here.
Ark Farm's meat, sausages, bread, sweets, etc. I'm sure I'll be tempted by the warm autumn weather and eat a lot of them. I’m excited now (lol)

Sales Department Rie Sugawara


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