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Cucumbers from Wakaba Garden

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The Wakaba Garden was completed in May of this year.
So I planted flowers, and in the empty space at the edge, I planted two cucumbers.

This year's temperature was quite high at first, but in August the weather was mostly bad.
As reported in the newspapers and on TV, it appears that the leaves of vegetables are withering or rotting and cannot be harvested.

In this current reality, I mixed a large amount of Wakaba Megumi (our product) into the soil as a base fertilizer and planted it in the Wakaba Garden.
Then the cucumber's leaves turned dark green, the flowers bloomed in abundance, and small cucumbers appeared one after another.
It grew to the same size as a cucumber sold at a nice store, day after day, without any insects.

I am fertilizing the young leaves little by little.
I eat lightly pickled vegetables without using chemical fertilizers.
There are only two cucumber seedlings, so I have to divide them up.

Would you like to grow various vegetables in planters?
It makes me so happy to see vegetables that I grew myself on the table.

Wakaba Tamazawa

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