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Thank you to all our customers.

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Hello everyone.
Around this time, the summer heat has eased and it has become easier to spend time.
Even though the rainy season has ended, it continues to rain and it feels a little cold in the mornings and evenings.

Well, thank you very much for coming to our festival this year.
It's really unfortunate that the weather was bad for Obon this year.
Meanwhile, the stamp rally around the park was very popular and attracted many people.
After the stamp rally, many people come to the farm market to exchange prizes.
There are people who say that it was fun, but most of all there are people and children who are surprised to receive prizes.
They are very happy to receive their prizes.

I can't tell you what's inside because I'm looking forward to it, but...( ^ω^ )

We will continue to hold stamp rallies in the future, so please come and join us.

Many customers also enjoyed the farm market barbecue.
We apologize for keeping you waiting in such a crowded situation.

Meanwhile, customers have said that they were satisfied with the delicious meat, and that they have visited this place from far away.
I've been aiming for it, and I'll come again. I was very happy to receive such kind words.
I'm really thankful to you.

Everyone, please be careful on your way home.

We look forward to seeing you again.

Farm Market Rika Senda

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