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This message will be sent from our Tokyo office.

The hot days continue, how are you all doing? ?
Yesterday was a very hot day in the Kanto region, with temperatures exceeding 37 degrees!
I was going around outside, but it was already hot...
At this point, the air gets hot regardless of the shade (sweat)

Everyone please be careful of the heat.
Stay hydrated without any hassle!

Now, from the Tokyo office,
This is a notice of this month's tasting promotion.

​Come Wednesday, August 23rd,
We will be holding a tasting promotion at Lincos River City store.

(This is the scene from last month's Ark Farm Fair)

Every month, the Rinko Reaver City store holds the “Tategamori Ark Farm Fair.”
This has been implemented.

Old eggs, Tategamori Kogen pork, ham/sausage, delicatessen, dressing,
We also have farm-produced sweets that are difficult to obtain outside of the farm★

This month's "Tategamori Ark Farm Fair" will be held from August 23rd to 25th.
And only on the first day! We will prepare a tasting for you.

This time's tasting is ham and Schenkelsinken.
Moist texture and no synthetic food additives
We hope you can enjoy the original flavor of pork♪

Please come visit us~(*^▽^*)


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