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Nice to meet you, I'm Takayuki Furusawa, a member of the pig farming division who has been with the company for two years.
Currently, I am in charge of the stud farm at Hanaizumi Farm, and am mainly involved in the management of sows and male pigs, including breeding.
Last year was full of new experiences as I joined the company after a student life that had nothing to do with livestock farming.
When I actually see the mother pigs I have taken care of giving birth to piglets and being shipped as meat pigs, I feel that I have been given life, and I go about my daily work with a sense of gratitude towards the pigs. .
We will continue to work carefully and with gratitude so that we can continue to deliver safe, secure, and delicious pork to everyone.
Hanaizumi Farm Takayuki Furusawa

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