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Taste from 250 million years ago? !

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It's getting warmer and it's starting to feel like spring.
During this period, please take precautions against hay fever and take care of your health.

Now, this time I will explain about the salt used in Tategamori Ark Farm's hams and sausages.
The salt used in Tategamori Ark Farm's hams and sausages is not ordinary table salt (sea salt).alpensalzWe use rock salt. The Alpensalz is located at the foot of the German Alps and is called Bad Reichenhall.Natural rock salt layer formed 250 million years agoIt is made from. It is characterized by containing natural ingredients such as calcium and magnesium.
In particular, Alpensalz, which is used for ham and sausage, has fine grains and contains almost no water, so it is easy to mix with other spices and is suitable for processed products. In addition to bringing out the flavor of meat, it also acts as a sterilizer and binder, so it plays a very important role in making additive-free hams and sausages.

Alpine Salts can also be purchased at the Tategamori Ark Farm Farm Market. We sell two types: regular type and herbal type. Please purchase the carefully selected salt that brings out the flavor of the meat along with Tategamori Kogen Pork.

Ham Kobo Sato

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