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I was a member of the event executive committee for one year this year!
The Event Executive Committee is a committee that plans and operates events held at the ranch.
This is my fourth year at the company, but since I have always worked in pig farms, I haven't had many opportunities to interact directly with customers.
Through this event, I was able to interact directly with customers, and I was able to experience a lot of things that I don't notice in my normal work, and I learned a lot. I also realized how difficult it is to plan something on your own and turn it into reality.
I'm not very good at coming up with new ideas, but I put all my wisdom into thinking about this event...I hope you enjoy it! !
There were many shortcomings, and it may not have been an event that satisfied all customers, but thank you for the past year.
Next year, new members will be creating even better events!
We hope you will come visit the ranch during the event (^^)☆

 This is the "Pig and Rabbit Walk" that I was in charge of.
Hanaizumi Farm Utako Watanabe

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