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About healthy thigh meat!

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As we enter February and the temperature difference is severe, everyone
Is it okay to take care of your health? ”
Today, I will introduce thigh meat.
I think that I want to do it.
Pork thighs include outer thigh, inner thigh, and shintama.
It is divided into parts.
The common thing is that lean meat is low in fat.
That's a lot.
It is also characterized by its fine texture.
Also, it is the second most important source of vitamin B1 after fins.
contains a lot.
By the way, "Shintama" is a pork femur bone.
It's about the meat around you.
A spherical mass of protein that helps in recovering from fatigue.
It contains a lot of iron.
Each of the three parts of the peach has its own softness.
it's different.
The lighter the color of the meat, the more tender it will be.
We recommend slicing the darker parts into thin slices.
To do.
Pork thighs can be cut into fillets, cubes, thinly sliced, minced meat, etc.
It is a part with a wide range of applications.
Because the meat is easily compatible with seasonings and spices.
Used as raw material for ham and processed products.
It's also perfect for stir-fry and stew dishes.
Tough meat becomes very tender and delicious when simmered.
It will be. !
Farm Market Atsunori Onodera

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