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"Recommended winter vegetables and delicious ways to eat them"

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It's already been a month this year, and the weather has gotten even colder. How about a hotpot at a time like this?

A variety of vegetables are also grown at Ark Farm.

For example, garland chrysanthemums, mizuna, komatsuna, spinach, Chinese cabbage, cabbage, etc. are still growing. We also sell them at farm markets. Of course, all vegetables are grown without pesticides, so you can buy with confidence. Go ahead and use it, please!

Animals are also happily running around and growing up on the farm. Meanwhile, some baby sheep have been born. Many trees are starting to bloom, and many daffodil buds are starting to appear. It's about to bloom soon. I think the flowers will bloom more and more in this cold weather. please expect to have fun and wait.
We look forward to your visit and will continue to maintain the landscape.

Farming Department Kenichi Oikawa

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