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West Japan Office (Hiroshima)

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As the first day of spring passes, we have more opportunities to look at the tips of cherry blossom branches, and we feel that spring is slowly approaching.
Many people have been tweeting on this blog that there is not much snow in Iwate this winter, but on the other hand, from Iwate to the West Japan Sales Office, I am wondering how the snow is in Hiroshima. I was asked such questions.

Hiroshima, where the West Japan Office is located, is a warm place as you know. Last year it became a hot spot.
wherever you walk in the city"Carp♪ Carp♪"If you talk to real estate agents and others, there seems to be some momentum in the opening of new restaurants.
The movie "In This Corner of the World" is currently becoming a hot topic. I saw? I saw.
Even though it's a war movie, it doesn't emphasize it too much and shows it as it is.
It was an interesting scene to see how people valued food and cooked it creatively in those days when there was nothing to eat.
I really appreciate it.
It seems that the number of foreigners and Japanese people visiting Hiroshima is increasing.

In Hiroshima, we finally have a place that sells Tategamori Kogen Pork on a regular basis!
The first basement floor of the Mitsukoshi department store in Hatchobori, the center of Hiroshima city. It will be sold from March at the Avance Hiroshima Mitsukoshi store, which is said to be the best quality supermarket in the Sanyo area.
Although it is not a permanent sale yet, we will definitely sell it every month, so please contact the store before visiting.

In Hiroshima, people were talking about things like ``Let's try to win the Carp again this year'' and ``Kuroda isn't here, it's going to be tough.''
By the way, today is Professional Baseball Day.
Good luck to the players from Iwate! Personally, I like Seibu pitcher Yusei Kikuchi more than Otani.

At Zoom Zoom Stadium with a beer in hand and a snack of dry sausage."Carp♪ Carp♪"It might be good too.

West Japan Office
Hirotaka Oka


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