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Work for next spring. Preparation at the farm department

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We are currently applying preservatives to the tree house so that our customers can climb it safely and with peace of mind.
We paint not only the surface but also the back of the floor, pillars, handrails, and every corner.
In terms of vegetables, it's June!
Cultivated this year for the first time. Juune grown without the use of pesticides. It takes time and effort to remove dirt and wash the fruit.
Drying now. I'm thinking of selling it at the farm market soon. It's already a popular item at farm markets, so get it early!
It is a wonderful product with large fruits and a strong aroma. Please buy it.
This year, we finished planting tulip bulbs early and are ready to bloom next spring.
Please look forward to the layout of Yumemigaoka Garden.
To prevent wild deer, the area is completely fenced with a net.

By the way, the onion field was also fenced with wild deer protection netting.
There are only 5 days left this year. Thank you for all your help this year.
I wish everyone a happy new year and this will be my last blog of the year.
Farm Department Kenichi Oikawa

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