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“Mukatsu Tamago” is one of the products that Tategamori Ark Farm has been selling since its opening.

At Tategamori Ark Farm, the pasture-raised chicken "Nera" that lays "Mukatsu Egg" is basically raised for the purpose of collecting eggs, but in December we are offering it to our customers as a special chicken.

The feed used is a specially formulated feed that is different from regular feed, such as domestic soybean residue, and is made with a focus on meat quality.


Finished with meat.

The chef at Restaurant Tills marinates the chicken in a special sauce all day and night, using plenty of herbs such as rosemary and lemongrass from the farm, and enjoys the crispy skin that is characteristic of chicken. For this purpose, the chicken that I heated on the surface in a frying pan and roasted in the oven is being finished today.

We will spend a day and night letting the flavors meld before shipping to the customer who has made a reservation.

This project took about three months for the breeding, manufacturing, and sales departments, and it is a product that we have a lot of passion for.

This product is exclusively available for online sale and is available only once a year by reservation.

If you were unable to make a reservation this year, please make up your mind next year.

Customers who have made a reservation this time will be able to use it for a special dinner, then make a special soup afterwards, and they are sure to have a special night.

Manufacturing Sales Department Tamura


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